Example of a catalog

<catalog name=”Co-vid 1-9” tags=”tag1,tag2,tag3” owner=”fdghrynytj” dpo=”tdjydythytdj” owner-sig=”sdfjkgnonsdisoej50[49k”>
<folder name=”Info”>
<file url=”ipfs://QmUDR463cWuhg8ucwGhshK7Mk8Yve3j1pMWyCYJLsrjN2V” name=”Bioweapon” descr=””/>
<folder name=”PCR test”>
<file url=”ipfs://QmYt21n5AHKUoRoQ138W51ruW5JvbkwoupxiMCN4Av9RNw” name=”Tanzania president’s speech” descr=””/>

The idea:

Any user can create his own catalog or catalogs and all catalogs together will form a Catalog Of Internet or Catalog Of Universe.

The backbone of system will be IPFS and Emercoin NVS.
IPFS — files storage
NVS — WORM markup

  • owner — owner of he node (optional)
  • owner-sig — signature wich shows that this current node belongs to the current owner
    sing(owner.blockchain.nvs.privkey ,
  • dpo — emercoin Digital Proove of Ownership

NVS name: worm.catalog.<catalog name>



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Aleksej Sokolov

Aleksej Sokolov

Ideologist & Main Developer at PrivateNess